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Welcome to Gold Prospecting in West Australia 2019.
Are you interested in an exciting 'Outback experience' to where gold nuggets huge and small can be found ?

Gold is elusive. Please do not think this is a promo for you to find your patch of Gold nuggets.
It can be stumbled across by accident, or by sheer luck. I have heard stories of incredible miss fortune as I can tell you about in person. I have been extremely lucky and extremely unlucky.

This however, now that I'm retired I am able to reflect how I dealt with those disappointments.
This is not about that, rather to tell you how the chase for gold enriches the soul. Personally I don't like fishing, but detecting for metals is like that, but the rewards are quite different. With fishing you get a fish and you eat the fish. With not too much new found gold you can virtually buy hundreds of fish dinners, but that is not the point, it is all about the experience.

You ask, what are the chances of finding an oz of gold? Well, mostly, every time I go out I find some. The fact is, it could be small or sizable because when you find it, you know nobody has ever seen that piece before. But is it all about luck? No. It comes down to knowing where to look.

Elusive Gold is about showing you where, and if you're lucky it's yours. We use state of the art Geo maps tied to GPS to narrow down the search.

This offer is about giving you the opportunity to join us for that real Aussie outback experience and to learn, but with no guarantee of going home weighted down, but certainly of the experience. All it takes is your determination to give it a go.

Why come to Western Australia gold fields ? Firstly, Australia it is one the largest island and the smallest continent on earth. It has only been occupied  for little more than two hundred years by European stock, although estimated, about fifty thousand years by our proud first nation  aboriginal peoples. They had no use for gold, so they left it just lying about. Not so these day.

We have some of the oldest rocks on earth and the greatest opportunity to find undiscovered  gold areas that nobody has ever walked over.

Bill Denheld

An endless landscape of auriferous ground as seen from the little hill very 'right' below.

Notice the detector, orange quartz left, ironstone right. (Right top) where above photo was taken. This is very remote country that I like to explore. Why not come along for the ride next time ?

Recent discoveries in the north W.A.Pilbara regions may start a new gold rush. Its quite obvious gold and iron stone come together, but its only since gold prospectors have ventured wider a field that the inevitable had to happen. Please take a look at this Nova Resources video to see for yourself what may lay in waiting. The conglomerate in this video will at some point come to the surface some where in the landscape.




      Header image, shows MineLab GPX detector with Nugget Finder 17inch elliptical coil