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My name is Paul Wohrman,
I've had the privilege to work on some pretty cool things like the Mars Global Surveyor, the Magellan project that went to Venus to name a few. Below, that's me with the Lockheed Martin team, I'm front row second from the right.
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I am resident of the USA and experienced a trip with Bill Denheld gold prospecting in  Western Australia, 2013 and I loved it so much I want to share the experience with anyone willing to give it a go. I'm now planing my next trip so why not come along.




  Left, Bill Denheld. Says he's no rocket scientist but almost he reckonsBill is our field guide based in Victoria Australia. During 1978 - 1983, he was one of the first to be part of the electronic gold rush that prospected the Victorian gold fields for almost five years mining and picking up many of those elusive gold nuggets the old miners of 1870's missed. You may ask him 'was it easier then' ? - No he says, but it was worth it. Now that he's retired he can, for a few months per year follow the passion to prospect where no man has been before, - in Western Australia. For more information on our next planed trip please contact us for more information at-                            -   info@elusivegold.com.au

A typical massive quarts outcrop on a vast ocean of gold country near Nullagine North  WA